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Steven Universe has a cast of amazing, adorable, and sometimes wacky characters that go through interesting adventures, but we're looking for the MOST oddly awesome Steven Universe moments that you can think of! Whether it's Steven eating an ice cream sandwich and having a shield pop out his belly or a lion whose body is literally a portal, we want to know some of the weirdest, but strangely amazing, things that YOU remember from the series. Check out the list below to see what fans picked out and the fun facts related to those moments!

Frybo Dancing

FACT: Frybo's blood is ketchup (and possibly mustard), despite appearing to have bulging veins and arteries. Read more >>

Tumblr nl4mj8GhU01tau3obo1 500

FACT: She is the only fully stable fusion, being able to maintain fusion for possibly thousands of years. Read more >>

Pearl and Amethyst hug

FACT: In "Marble Madness", Peridot is implied to be in charge of the Kindergarten on Earth or the entire Kindergarten program. Read more >>

Garnet bleeding

FACT: "Fusion Cuisine" is the first and only episode where all three (or four, considering Garnet) Gems fused together, creating Alexandrite. Read more >>

Say Uncle Animation UG Dressed as RQ

FACT: In the "Say Uncle" episode, the words "April Fools" can be made out in the smoke trail that Uncle Grandpa's head leaves while flying toward the ship. Read more >>

Ocean Gem Animation Lapis Expression

FACT: The "Ocean Gem" episode revealed that all monsters were once Gems that had become corrupted and broken by some currently unknown source. Read more >>


FACT: At New York Comic-Con, Rebecca Sugar revealed that Amethyst's designs and color palette are based off of Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess, due to her earlier work on that show. Read more >>

Old-steven somanybirthdays

FACT: The original title for this episode was "10,000 Birthdays". Read more >>


FACT: The first song we hear Greg sing is "Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart". Read more >>

Say Uncle Animation Thats Not My Baby

FACT: Pizza Steve has been eaten one time on Uncle Grandpa so Amethyst is actually the second person to eat him. Read more >>

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