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Admit it. You’ve probably fantasized about using the Force to keep your parents out of your room, or summoning a patronus to ward off that crazy dog from down the street.

We’ve taken fan submissions and made a list of the Top 21 go-to moves you would use to save the day from any movie, comic, TV show, video game, or book. Check them out, and major kudos to our registered fans who made the list: Acast, KCCreations, Mattwo, Ezio Editore da California, Henryjh98, ŚPASTIC FRIDGE, Monkey.D.Me, Yamakaru, SlayerFanGirl, Josh Lefelhocz, Adzboo, Klom99, Benknightprime, SilverFlight, Dechel-Auslly-Flyna, and OVERPOWERED99.

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"Sticky situation? No big deal. Just throw the bad guy/girl/person off balance with some earthbending, Toph style."
— Acast

FACT: In the Avatar universe, more earthbenders are born in the season of spring than in any other season. Read more >>

"I would use all my pokemons, so all the bad guys would be to afraid to attack. Think about it, all the bad guys would be afraid of an animal there that can shoot fireballs at you."
— A Wikia contributor

FACT: Although Charizard has occasionally referred as one of the most overpowering and ruthless Pokémon, in some Pokedex entries, it says that it will never hurt an opponent weaker than itself. Read more >>

"Do as Gandalf does. Grab a hobbit, preferably a Baggins."
— A Wikia contributor

FACT: The Hobbits of the Shire developed the custom of giving away gifts on their birthdays instead of receiving them. Read more >>

"I'm out for a walk one day when I happen to witness a bank robbery. What would I do? I'd use the powers of the Inner Senshi! First, I'd use Sailor Mercury's hydrokinetic powers to blind the robbers with mist. Then I'd use Sailor Jupiter's electrical powers to shock them into dropping the money. After quickly grabbing it to return to the bank, I'd make them promise never to rob a bank again...otherwise the robbers would probably have at least second-degree burns before they could finish saying, "No." In the event that I must use a Sailor Mars attack but end up failing, I'd use Sailor Venus's powers to blind them with light...then I'd use a Moon Tiara Action to bring the robbers to justice."
— KCCreations

FACT: To this day, Earth is the only planet that was never given an official Sailor Senshi, being represented by Tuxedo Mask instead. Read more >>

"Jedi mind tricks and lightsabers would be very useful in various real life scenarios. Someone's being bullied? "This is not the person you're looking for." Armed gunman mugging you? Swat away all his ammo with the lightsaber and go "Don't resort to violence as a solution." or something."
— Mattwo

FACT: Early Jedi were known to utilize shields and armor to protect themselves in battle, and used blaster pistols as well as lightsabers in combat. Read more >>

"I would go into Bankai state, releasing an unexpected power that the enemy wouldn't see coming."
— Ezio Editore da California

FACT: Ichigo Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara are the only known individuals who have attained Bankai through a far shorter, yet much more dangerous method, and attained Bankai in 3 days. Read more >>

"Trigger the Avatar State and unleash a fury of all four elements combined to achieve whatever my past lives and myself deem appropriate for the situation."
— Henryjh98
Avatar state-lok

FACT: If you are killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist. Read more >>

"Use the get out of jail free card called the sonic screwdriver."

FACT: The Doctor gave Vastra a sonic screwdriver as a gift. Hers has a red tip. Read more >>

"Use my Ocarina and reverse/freeze time."
— A Wikia contributor

FACT: The Ocarina of Time appears in both Super Smash Bros. and its sequel Super Smash Bros. Melee during their respective opening cinemas. Read more >>

"To control trolls, use Fist of RAGE to make them "FlatHeads""
— Monkey.D.Me
Onepiece-fist of rage

FACT: Monkey D. Garp has super strength and punches his grandsons as a gag technique to "show" his love. In the FUNimation sub, this is called Fist of Love. Read more >>

"Gotta go with my Canadian brethren and go with the pixel sword from Scott Pilgrim."
— A Wikia contributor

FACT: The game Fruit Ninja actually added a pixel sword to their list of unlockable swords for use in the game because the development team saw the Scott Pilgrim movie and loved the concept. The sword can be unlocked when you achieve 50 different fruit combo's of 3 or higher. Read more >>

"I would use a cross gun very similar to Wolfwood's Punisher from the anime Trigun. With it, I would fire a large laser in the face of my enemies to completely blow them away."
— Yamakaru

FACT: There are supposedly only ten Punishers in existence. Read more >>

"I would turn Super Saiyan and use a Kamehameha to save the day. That's the end of that threat!"
— A Wikia contributor

FACT: Kamehameha is the name of the cultural Hawaiian king, but Kamehameha also means "Turtle Destruction Wave" in Japanese. Read more >>

"I would use poison claws and finish them off with Bakusaiga."
— SlayerFanGirl

FACT: Bakusaiga was Sesshōmaru's signature weapon, and it is the manifestation of his own poison claws and his true demonic powers and abilities. Read more >>

"I'd go for Dragonborn's powers. If a thug was holding someone hostage on the edge of a skyscraper, I'd walk up to them and use the disarm shout to take away their gun. Then I'd give em a chance to surrender and, if they don't surrender, they get FUS RO DAH'd off the building."
— Josh Lefelhocz

FACT: 44 Dragon Souls are needed to unlock every shout in the vanilla game, and FUS RO DAH, or Unrelenting Force, only requires one soul. Read more >>

"There's this jerk in my class who's always picking on the quiet girl who sits in front of him. I'd love to have super strength and Hulk out on that dude!"
— Adzboo

FACT: Stan Lee revealed that Hulk went from gray to green because at the time, Marvel had ink problems, causing the strips to look weird. Green was chosen to make the Hulk look more like a monster. Read more >>

"If I wanted to protect people, I'd go with being a Power Ranger, hands down. Aside from looking spiffy, having a Legendary Morpher gives me many options and many different ways to help. Intimidate a pack of robbers as the Magna Defender or use the acrobatics of a Ninja Storm Ranger to dis-arm them? Decisions, decisions!"
— Klom99

FACT: Lord Zedd is the first American-made villain with absolutely no Super Sentai counterpart. Read more >>

"I'd want the Rinnegan to save the day. Control of gravity, turn my boby into machinery, summon a plethora of animals, rip people's souls out, summoning the king of hell, production of rods that control people and chains that.s ensnare them, absorb chakra, use of all five elements, a teleportation ability, and invisible clones that only a select few can harm? Yeah, I would want that."
— Benknightprime

FACT: Rinne is the Japanese term for Samsara, the cycle of reincarnation or rebirth in several Indian religions, and this is reflected in the names of all Six Paths of Pain. Read more >>

"Surrounded by a group of baddies threatening kids? I'd use the cold and the wind - in other words Elsa's - to make an ice barrier to protect the kids and summon a blizzard to blind the thugs and trap them in their place until the cops arrive."
— SilverFlight

FACT: Originally, Elsa was to be the main villain of the film (like most adaptations of The Snow Queen), but the writers felt that her song, "Let It Go", made her seem well-meaning and sympathetic so she became a heroine. Read more >>

"What is better than using Tris as a sidekick when you're fighting crime? This girl has survived a countless number of times with a bullet wound in her arm!"
— Dechel-Auslly-Flyna

FACT: Tris is the smallest initiate and the second Abnegation transfer to Dauntless after Four. Read more >>

"My Dragon Blade, Inferno, would work in any sticky situation of being surrounded by evilness. I mean, think of all the possibilities I can do with a fiery blade!"
Dragon blade-httyd2

FACT: Inferno is one of three tools used to influence or control dragons, along with Valka's staff and Drago's bull hook. Read more >>

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